League of Canadian Travellers

The League of Canadian Travellers was established in 2011 by a group of just over 30+ friends and acquaintances from across Canada who had gathered an at idyllic Tuscan villa.


Over pool-side and candle-lit evening gatherings, the group enjoyed discussing their recent Tuscan experiences and also shared stories of travel to other locations.


Once back in Canada, we all realized that while we loved Tuscany, what was truly unique about the trip was the sharing of experiences with friends – new and old. To keep our cherished memories of our Tuscan travels alive and to capture information and advice on other destinations that our friends had visited, we decided to create this online community.


While membership in the League of Canadian Travellers is currently restricted, this website offers non-members ideas, information and advice on the many locations that the League members have visited and their insight into great locations, accommodation, tours and memorable excursions and sites.


For members, we hope you continue to enjoy shared travel via this online community. And for non-members, we hope you enjoy the insight and ideas and – if you can’t make it to the destinations we write about, at least you can live vicariously through our travels!

Please note:  This is a test site for demonstration purposes only.

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